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An Introduction to Hyla's Revolutionary Guarana-Infused, Nicotine-Free Disposable Devices

At Hyla, we understand that you care about what you put in your body, and we do too. Our device is plant-powered vape no nicotine. We made it disposable to support an active lifestyle. The Hyla vaporizer is gluten-free and suitable for vegans. The Appearance of the Hyla VaporizerThe Hyla disposable vape pen is super portable and lightweight. You can easily slip it into your pocket or bag. We made the vaporizer to be super easy to use. You can simply take it out of the box, remove the protective cap on the mouthpiece, and start vaping. The Hyla vaporizer is available with seven different flavor blends, and each one comes with a unique color. This allows you to tell what flavor you have even before you taste it. The Hyla has the typical design of disposable vaporizers. It has a slim rectangular design that tapers off at the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is designed to fit your lips comfortably. Battery CapacityEach Hyla device has a built-in, precharged 560mAh battery, which can last for a long time. You can get approximately 800 puffs from the vaporizer before the battery goes out. Hyla E-LiquidThe cartridge in each Hyla vaporizer is pre-filled with 3.2ml of our botanical extracts. There is zero nicotine in the blend. Instead, it contains guarana seed extract. This plant is popular in South America. It is a stimulant used in different products like energy drinks and teas. Guarana also has many powerful health benefits, including promoting healthy skin, a healthy heart, a healthy cardiovascular system, boosts focus, combats fatigue, and so much more. Hyla cartridges contain 10% guarana extract. Apart from guarana, our flavor blends also contain vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavors, fruits, and plant extracts. The heating elements in the Hyla device are designed to heat the guarana-infused, plant-powered blend at a precise temperature to release vapor without damaging the molecular compounds in the composition. Hyla flavor blends are designed to give you a clean, flavorful taste. All Hyla products are made in a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California, using top-shelf ingredients. We never compromise on quality in the quest to bring you a plant-powered vaporizer. Hyla Vape Flavors The Hyla disposable vaporizer comes in 7 different flavors, and each one is equally good. Watermelon+Mint: This blend gives you the juicy, refreshing taste of fresh watermelon juice with a hint of cooling mint. This is a good option for those hot summer months. Strawberry+Lavender: This blend gives you a fruity and aromatic blend of strawberry and lavender flavor. It has a sweet and slightly tart taste that will delight your palate. Black Cherry: This blend gives you the light and juicy taste of black cherries. The flavor is spot-on delicious. Peppermint: This blend gives you the classic, invigorating flavor of peppermint. You get a mildly sweet, cool taste with every puff. Coconut+Lime: This blend gives you a refreshing blend of coconut and lime flavor. This is perfect for when you want to feel like you’re hanging out by the beach in the Caribbean islands. Blackberry+Hibiscus: This blend gives you a mix of aromatic blackberry and hibiscus flavor. It a bold fruity flavor that is perfect for the summertime. Yuzu+Mandarin: This blend is an ideal choice for everyone who loves citrus. It is a fusion of two popular citrus fruit flavors to create something invigorating. How to Use the Hyla Disposable VaporizerThe Hyla works like any other disposable, draw-activated vaporize. Just put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale for two seconds. When you do this, the heating elements are activated, and you start to get vapor. You can get up to 800 puffs from each vaporizer. The Hyla vaporizer is ready to vape out-of-the-box. It comes pre-filled and precharged, so you never have to worry about low battery or refilling the cartridge. Get the Hyla Today!Are you ready to tap into this guarana Amazon magic? Visit our online store to get the Hyla vaporizer for only $11.99. We provide free nationwide shipping for all orders that amount to $30 or above. You can verify the authenticity of your Hyla vaporizer at our store. All you need to do is enter the QR code on the package of the device, and the verification is done. Browse through our website to learn more about Hyla and our revolutionary plant-powered device.