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HYLA’s all natural guarana is sourced directly from the Amazonian Rain Forrests of Brazil, which have been compromised by unrelenting decimation for years. As a company dedicated to the responsible replenishment of these vital resources, we are committed to donating 1% of our annual profits* to Amazon reforestation initiatives.


Our concern for the planet’s natural resources doesn’t end at the borders of the Rain Forrest, so every HYLA vape device is made from highly recyclable aluminum, and is powered by equally recyclable micro-lithium-ion batteries. Your QR-code verifiable unit can not only be recycled responsibly at any HYLA retailer, we are currently developing the industry’s most advanced recycling initiative. Over time, our customers will actually be rewarded for every HYLA device which is properly returned for materials repurposing. Check back soon for more details.


* up to $5,000 per year